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Humans fundamentally want freedom. We seek it in every area of our lives - why not in how and where we work?

In-depth content about running a business remotely

You spend the vast majority of your life and waking hours at work. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The work we do enables wealth creation, global impact, and the ability to provide for ourselves and those who depend on us.

But the ways of work have changed yet again. Just like agrarian work to industrial work, we are shifting from office behemoths to nimble necessity. That’s why I created Remotely Inclined. It is a regular newsletter about remote work and remote entrepreneurship geared towards the remote stalwart and remote-wary alike.

As we continue to navigate change in our world, we must continue to think about how the ways we work need to change (and how people want them to change).

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“Remotely Inclined is a thoughtful, witty, and insightful blessing in your inbox” - Emily Lonetto, Head of Growth at Voiceflow

“Remotely Inclined is exactly what I'm looking for as I've been working on my startup and freelance business remotely” - Alvin Phun, co-founder of RemoteDials.co

“Stefan has a special ability to distill key points from multiple resources and unify them into one digestible post.” - Melissa Kargiannakis, founder of remote-first AI company Skritswap

“Loving this newsletter” - Erin Bury, co-founder and CEO of legal tech startup Willful

“Stefan was writing about remote work before it was cool! His newsletter is thoughtful, actionable, and full of great tips.” - Juliana Casale, President at remote marketing consultancy Quick Wins Department

“Finally some salient reads on the topic of distributed teams and remote working! As an organizational designer/psychologist and someone's who's been working remotely for close to a decade, I'm hard pressed to find better content on these topics.” - Mila Vukojevic, Change Management Expert and VP Strategic Partnerships at 1000ml.io

About Stefan

Remotely Inclined is written by me, Stefan Palios. I spent nearly a decade analyzing why people do the things they do, whether in US businesses during my time at Yale University or in the Canadian tech ecosystem as a journalist with BetaKit, Tech Daily, and other publications.

I’m also an entrepreneur, having started my first venture when I was 16 (it failed), my second when I graduated university (it also failed), and my third by accident (it’s still going and I run it 100% remotely).

Here are a few interviews I’ve given about running my business remotely:

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Outside of work, I helped to co-found a national nonprofit organization, Venture Out, that helps LGBTQ+ people connect to opportunities in the tech industry. In that nonprofit venture and others, I’ve fundraised over $1 million for LGBTQ+ causes in Canada and the United States, working with global corporations in the process.

In my career the largest deals I ever closed, whether for my business or for nonprofits, were done remotely. To this day I haven’t met some of my biggest clients or donors face-to-face, despite receiving tens of thousands of dollars from them and delivering value for, in some cases, years.

Now, I’m taking all of my experiences as a journalist and remote entrepreneur to better explore the dynamics of remote work and remote entrepreneurship - that’s what Remotely Inclined is all about. I’m putting all of my experience to work to deliver a newsletter worth your time and attention.

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